So I recently discovered the K-Pop group MAMAMOO and one of the first songs I came across on my discovery run was “고향이” (go-hyang-ee) which means “Hometown” in Korean. If you watch the music video, it’s just a video of the MAMAMOO members doing fun little things in their respective pairs.

MoonSun ❤

One of the key themes of this song (as obviously stated by the title lol) is memory and the idea of home. Each member sings about the little things they remember while growing up in their hometown. It’s really sweet and heartwarming because although many fans may put these singers on a pedestal (like me ehehe), I think they really value where they’ve come from and how far they’ve come. Really, in the short time that I’ve discovered MAMAMOO, I’ve completely fallen in love with their goofiness and how real they are with each other, and discovering this song has only made me respect them even more.

Just look at this cuteness T.T

And I think one of the biggest things that makes me emotional is the fact that Hwasa and Wheein have actually known each other since middle school. To think that they’ve been friends from such an early age and have made it successfully together in a group that I consider to have the best talent is such FRIENDSHIP GOALS!!! Honestly imagine the memories they have and the memories they’ll make (now with Moonbyul and Solar!). As time goes by, may their friendship grow even stronger and may MAMAMOO NEVER DISBAND!

But really you should check them out because they are absolutely fabulous~~~