When I wake up, I like to spend some time perusing the internet on my phone before I actually get my lazy self out of bed. This morning, I was scrolling through Buzzfeed’s “What’s Trending Now”, when I came across “18 Creepy Murder Cases You’ve Never Heard of That’ll F*ck You Up”. Usually, I’m a total scaredy cat, but considering that it was morning and broad daylight outside, my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to read the list.

God, what a mistake.

As I was going through the list, I couldn’t help but think how messed up these murderers are, and it’s kind of scary that there are so many of them. How do these murderers become this way? Are they just born like that? Or do they suffer through something that causes them to become this way?

Regardless, I finally reached the end, and looking through the comments, a good majority of people were talking about the murder of Junko Furuta. Many of these comments were cautionary stating, “Don’t read the case about Junko Furuta…”, “this was one of the worst things I’ve ever read…”, etc. So, of course as is my human nature, I did the opposite and I scrolled back up to click on the link and read through her case.

Again, what a horrible way to start the day.

The torture Junko Furuta had to endure up to her last dying breath is incredibly inhumane.

Junko was a 17 year old high school student who was kidnapped, brutally tortured, and raped for 44 days before she was murdered by 4 despicable excuses of human beings from 1988-1989. Trust me, it’s truly heartbreaking what she had to go through and I literally cannot comprehend how these guys think and what the hell is wrong with their brains. They kidnapped her, forced her to call her parents stating she was not returning home, and things seriously went to hell from there. She was raped over 400 times, violated by foreign objects, physically beaten, starved and dehydrated, and burned during her abduction. This poor girl had burning light bulbs, exploding fireworks and scissors shoved inside her. What the Hell. Her murderers invited their scumbag friends to rape her. What the Hell. She was forced to eat cockroaches and drink her own urine. What the Hell. She was set on fire for trying to call the police. What the Hell. When she begged for help from one of the guy’s parents who found out about her, they did nothing. What the Hell. What the Hell. WHAT. THE. HELL.

And that’s not even half of what she endured (trust me, it’s brutal and absolutely sickening). By the time I finished reading her story, I just laid in bed unable to think. How? How is it possible for people’s minds to operate this way? How can someone have absolutely no moral conscience telling them this is wrong?

On top of that, what’s enraging is that these guys didn’t even get a sentence that I (or any commonly sensical person would) think is equal to what they deserve. They, instead, pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of “committing bodily injury that resulted in death” serving less than 8 years in prison. And one of them even tried to reduce his sentence. Like what? Can you possibly imagine what Junko’s parents must have felt (or not felt because apparently her mother fainted when she heard the gruesome details of what her daughter went through) at that injustice? These guys are freaking murderers and should have been charged as such (committing injury that results in death or murder… what difference is there?). Some of them even changed their names after they were released from prison. How insulting. If your messed up self chooses to abduct someone and put them through the unspeakable hell Junko went through, you better freaking own up to your despicable actions and the consequences that come with it. How dare you try to bury that with your old name and shield yourself from society?

At the end of it all, I wanted to know why. What could possibly motivate anyone to treat another living human this way? Searching through the internet won’t give you any answers though as there are barely any reputable sources that explain why this happened to Junko. Not to mention, apparently, juvenile laws at the time, would prevent many details about the case being released to the public such as their identities (although a Japanese magazine discovered their names and released it – kudos to them).

Still, I came across one speculation that this all happened because Junko rejected one of the murderers when they asked her out. Although there is no reliable evidence that backs this up, if this is true, how infuriating. Ladies, God forbid you reject a guy and he comes back with three of his equally sick-minded cronies to kidnap you, torture you, and rape you for turning him down. I hope this speculation is false because if it isn’t, then I really have no words. And even if it is false, that doesn’t excuse the fact that these 4 guys are seriously messed up and it’s unfair that Junko had to endure what she did because of their screwed up brains.

An innocent young woman was taken unjustifiably from this world. What breaks my heart the most is that she was in severe pain up to the very moment she was killed. The day before, she was struck with an iron barbell and lit on fire, which didn’t burn out until after two hours. If she were alive, she would be in her late 40s about now with possibly a family of her own. Abducted on November 25th and killed on January 5th, she spent Christmas and New Years alone with her deteriorating body probably being tortured by her sick murderers – I can’t begin to fathom how she must’ve felt physically and emotionally. Not to mention the emotional scars her family dealt with and is probably still dealing with today. Although there’s nothing that anyone could do to bring full justice to the Furuta family, I hope that these 4 degenerates realize and understand the pain they inflicted on Junko, her family and friends and that it haunts them for the rest of their lives.

Honestly, how do we prevent instances like these from happening? How could you possibly distinguish a screwed-up murderer from every other person in society? Really, Junko’s story was one of EIGHTEEN just-as-disturbing murder cases from Buzzfeed’s list and that doesn’t even encapsulate every heinous murder that has occurred in history. While it is impossible to prevent such cases like these from happening, I think we can all take measures to make them occur less through personal or public means. And if anything, let’s remember these victims who were cruelly robbed of their lives so that, although they have physically passed, their names will live on and we are reminded of our moral obligations toward each other.

As for Junko Furuta, who endured one of the worst hells on earth

rip junko furuta

May she rest in eternal peace.